Amber Trade LTD has made a decision to attract investments within a few rounds by offering up to 49% of its shares to investors and miners. Innovative blockchain technology that is a base of majority of crypto currencies has been chosen in order to manage and control investments as well as dividends withdrawal.
AmberCoin which is the company’s own coin has been made with this purpose.
Considering that this technology is not yet associated with attraction of investments and gaining a share in the company, Amber Trade LTD has made a decision to duplicate acknowledgement of obtaining a share with a traditional legal method using DECLARATIONS OF TRUST.
Hereby AmberCoin is the first coin that is backed by a real asset which the Amber Trade LTD’s production and trade operations are.
We do not expect that AmberCoin will be used to buy or sell amber by any other market participants. AmberCoin is not money but a share in the company and its provision is based on amber of our own production.


Total number of coins is 49,000,000.
49,000,000 coins = 49% of Amber Trade LTD.
A minimal share that can get a dividents is 0.01% or 10,000 coins.
We have excellent news for miners – a share in the company can not only be bought but also mined.
9,800,000 coins which is 9.8% of shares are allotted to mining. The rest 39,200,000 coins (39.2% of shares) are reserved for general sale. The sale will take place in rounds during the time of coin mining (approx. 12 months). The company will provide advanced notice as to when each round of investment opens.
For reference: nowadays proven reserves of amber in the fields of Amber Trade LTD are about 10 tons. You can read more about the company’s investment attractiveness in the “INVESTORS” section.

Purchase of coins (shares in the company):
Coins (shares) can be bought through one of the exchanges or obtained through mining. Coins obtained through mining may be secured by a corresponding declaration of trust in case when you consolidate no less than 10,000 coins in your wallet. The same applies to the coins bought via the exchange.
The company will be able to provide you with the declaration of trust only if you send scanned copies of documents confirming your identity.
If for some reason you do not wish to reveal your identity but would like to become the investor in Amber Trade LTD and receive dividends, your unique ID will be your e-mail address and address of your AmberCoin wallet. Its balance will represent your shares in the company and therefore the dividends you will receive. A virtual declaration of trust will be generated for such investors and as a result instead of real data an e-mail and an AmberCoin wallet of the investor will be displayed.

Also you can buy coins (shares) directly from the company via the wire transfer to bank account if you have your corporate account. In that case you will be able to recieve a dividends on your account as well. Bank account details can be sent via the personal request. For now payments in USD or EUR are available.

Distribution of company profits:
At the end of each quarter the corresponding portion of company profits will be credited to the share of each shareholder. As of today, the company’s profit consists of two main resources: the sale of amber extracted by ourselves and the resale of amber extracted by other companies.
In order to qualify for the portion of the company’s profit in the reporting period, the investors have to have in their wallet the number of coins that corresponds their share in the company at the time of the distribution of the profits. The number of coins should be the same as the one written in the declaration of trust the rate of 0.01% of the company = 10,000 coins.
This condition is applied to everybody including those who have bought the coins (shares) on the exchange.
Withdrawals will be available on personal cards such as Visa/MasterCard in US dollars or Euros and in the bitcoins  for the investors who have nominee declarations of trust.
Withdrawals in bitcoins only will be available for the anonymous investors.
The date and the time of the distribution of the profits will be announced by the company in advance and no less than once in three months.
More information on AmberCoin can be found on the website forum thread –

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