Amber Trade LTD is an international holding company combined of a number of areas. Our company has introduced the concept of cryptoshares into the global stock market. AmberCoin is the 1-st cryptoshare in the world where each AmberCoin is Amber Trade LTD share engaged in amber development, processing and distributive trade.

Amber is one of the most common stones applied in jewelry at all times. Ever since the ancient civilizations, this stone was considered as a kind of “currency” – many merchants used it as a currency. In addition, this sunstone is credited with medicinal and even magical properties. It is scientifically proved that amber stones help to cope with colds, migraines, rheumatism due to succinic content and they are used for men’s recreation and  health. Succinic is applied in the pharmaceutical industry for stress-relieving, anti-inflammatory  and anti-toxic medicines manufacture.

The main value of amber is still its beauty. Transparent specimens with insects consolidated in them are the most valuable; blue Dominican and dark red are the most treasurable among hue varieties. The original stone structure, a variety of sizes and shapes allow to make jewelry of it, use it in incrustation, or interior design.

Amber Trade LTD company’s mission is not only providing the society with opportunity to earn with this gem stone, but also to promote such a valuable mineral granted to us by the forces of nature.

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