14 June 2017

Taking into account that Amber Trade LTD has stopped its independent activity and will continue to operate as part of the RBC Consortium, AmberCoins should be exchanged into new tokens called RBC Tokens within a period from 17.06.2017 to 17.07.2017.

Exchanging AmberCoins into RBC Tokens is not obligatory but Amber Trade LTD’s successor is going to stop supporting the AmberCoins after 17.07.2017. Since that moment the share in the Consortium’s profits will be determined by the number of RBC Tokens.

RBC Token is ERC-20 compliant Ethereum-based token with total amount of 100,000,000 RBC without option of additional emission.

Information about RBC Consortium, its roadmap and presentation along with CEO’s greeting can be found on

The exchange of tokens will be performed on an individual basis.

Please visit to start the exchange process.

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