27 July 2016

Making payouts of dividends in such a tight terms that were claimed before (less than a week after determining of company’s quarter profit) causes interrupts and delays of some business processes. As a result Company loses a part of its profit.

To prevent this negative effect Company decided to approve the new schedule of dividends’ payouts.

Starting from Q2 2016 the new schedule of dividends’ payouts comes into force:
Q1 dividends’ payouts – 25th of May
Q2 dividends’ payouts – 25th of August
Q3 dividends’ payouts – 25th of November
Q4 dividends’ payouts – 25th of February

Dividends’ policy in full will be published in next few weeks.
Main changes, beside the new payouts schedule, will concern priority to higher capitalisation (higher shares value) rather than higher short-term profit (dividends).

Along with that new financial instrument (bonds) will become available soon. It will allow investors receive fixed interest on their investments every month.

These changes are just a beginning on the way of building a Company that we will be proud of.

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