6 June 2016

Previous management of the company allowed delays in payment of dividends. For now results of 1-st quarter of 2016 have not been announced. Dividends have not been paid. The company intends to put an end to such practices.

In this regard, as an exception, it was decided to combine the results announcement and payment of dividends for the 1st and 2nd quarters.
The results of the 1st half of the year will be published on 20.07.2016.
Dividends will be paid on 25.07.2016. Payments will be made in $/btc.

Also work on updating of the company’s roadmap is in progress. Updated roadmap will be published once it is ready.

As you may know now sales of shares from the company are temporarily suspended.
But you still can buy shares on exchanges. As before, the company registers new shareholders. All you need to become one of us is 10,000+ AmberCoin in your wallet.

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